Agency Appointment

MACS is happy to announce the appointment of Burger Feron S.A.S. as our new agent in France.

Burger Feron has a broad knowledge of the French market and their experienced staff is well equipped to market our wide product-range of the MACS service, which connects Europe with Namibia, South Africa and Mozambique.

On MACS tonnage a variety of cargoes can be shipped, i.e. bulk cargo, conventional cargo such as steel products, big bags, project cargo up to 240 mts unit-weight, vehicles as well as all types of containers including reefer, flat rack and open top.

With their seven locations spread over the entire country, Burger Feron is well positioned to reach and cover the French market.

Martine Catillon, who is located in the Paris office, is nominated as line manager for the MACS service.

Martine Catillon
phone: +33 1 44 65 12 51